torsdag 15 september 2011

Here comes my contributions for the course.

This is my special blog for contributions to the Change2011 course. All contributions are therefore tagged #change2011 .
I am an Education Strategist and Analyst for Campus Skellefteå, a young multi-university campus in Northern Sweden, working for the local council. For new education environments, everything that changes means possibilities. I am especially interested in alternative education environments such as learning centres and multi-university campuses, and also in what can come as a next step after the present rather artificial categorisation of courses into normal campus courses and technology-enabled "distance courses". many call the next step "blended learning". I am very interested in what that means in that case, and how it could work. I imagine that, one part of it would be abandoning a place-based definition of courses and adopting some kind of time- or process based definition instead, which can include places as tools. I have revently published a paper about this: "A time based blended learning model". I am now working with the multi-university campus trend and concept in connection to the EC Interreg 4C UNICREDS project.